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Working on a carving commission in sunny Mexico about 360 kilometers south of Cancun. These photos were taken just a few days before this area was devastated by Hurricane Wilma. I got stranded here for an extra three weeks until they could get the road to Cancun cleared of trees and downed power lines. Life is good!!!

I have been a professional artist, graphic designer, and photographer my entire adult life. I actually started selling art, posters, and flyers in high school. After serving in the Navy I worked in the aero space industry as a draftsman and illustrator before working in an advertising agency. I later opened my own design studio.

In 1976 when illustrating a book for a sculptor and woodcarver, I started carving wood  professionally.
Today, I receive many of my commissions and sales from people like you visiting my site. I offer a wide range of art and carvings depending on your particular requirements and needs.

To make ordering as easy as possible for you and to get the attention you deserve, I have provided you with the below form so I’ll have a better understanding of how I can help you and to provide you with what your investment will be. To date, I have completed over 10,000 carvings, mostly commissioned. Here is a partial listing of some of my clients.

I have provided a Request Form just below so you can tell me what you are interested in having carved or made. When it comes to woodworking I have access to several of Taos finest woodworkers so we can do any style commission you may need.  

Want to learn how to carve or expand your current carving ability?

Over the years I have taught hundreds of individuals the traditional skills of woodcarving at the American Wood Carving School in Wayne New Jersey, North Western University and Fairhaven College in Bellingham Washington, Wooden Boat Center in Marina del Rey California, Center For Wooden Boats in Seattle Washington, and University of New Mexico in Taos New Mexico.

Today I offer my classes and workshops at my studio in northern New Mexico. I also teach on location throughout the United States and abroad.

As a professional my goal is to produce exceptional work and to do it at a price which makes it affordable.


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