Dragon woodcarving. This is my second woodcarving which was done in 1976 TERRY  r. Wolff


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The Textbook For Carving Letters

Professional Woodcarver Terry R.Wolff has influenced numerous would be woodcarvers and sign carvers with his workshops and lectures, now he is reaching an even greater number with book.

This fascinating approach to learning the basic skills for carving incised letters features a technique which requires only one carving tool, a carving knife which may be purchased from Wolff Knife Works or you can make one using the specs provided in the book. Although a wide range of methods for carving letters is available, Mr. Wolff presents this method as good for both beginner and professional. It eliminates the need for a collection of expensive carving tools.

Once this method is mastered it is easy to incorporate other techniques. For those of you who already use traditional methods, you will find the knife carving method greatly increases your carving speed.

The techniques used in this book have been proven to help non-carvers get into woodcarving and understanding carving with the grain in a very non-threatening environment. That is why this book is recommended for beginning carvers who may not have any desire in carving signs but yet want a simple and easy way to learn how to carve.

The Textbook for Carving Letters has been selected as the textbook for everyone taking the Basic Woodcarving Classes at the University of New Mexico~Taos.

This book features

Following the book's format, you can have a COMPLETED PROJECT carved in four evenings! (I have been timed to carve a sellable WELCOME sign in 20 minutes)

 What Other Professional Woodcarvers Have To Say About This Book

"I've studied and carved with Terry for the past four years. I'm always amazed to see him (freehand) layout and carve a sign. His excellent carving skills are only surpassed by his wit."

Jerry Cetrulo
Award winning woodcarver and owner of the American Woodcarving School, Wayne, New Jersey

"I attended Terry Wolff's Sign Carving Course in 1987, having an interest in refining and quickening my sign carving skills. Since then I have added his knife and several variations to my tool roll using them quite often on signs and my own carousel horse replicas."

Eric Bunn
Professional Woodcarver and past owner of the American Woodcarving School, Wayne, New Jersey

"Having attended the Terry Wolff Sign Carving Workshop, after having done some carved signs on my own, really opened my eyes to the benefits of the knife carving techniques he teaches. He is a master at his trade and an excellent instructor of the art."

George Hanover
Woodcarving Instructor & Graphic Designer, former instructor at the American Woodcarving School, Connecticut

Cover Front

Cover Rear

Front cover for The Textbook For Carving Letters by Terry R. Wolff - TerryWolff.com Rear cover for The Textbook For Carving Letters by Terry R. Wolff - TerryWolff.com


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