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This style of bee hive has been used for many centuries. It was first introduced in Greece and later adopted in Kenya where it got its present name as top bar. I became interested in top bar hives in 2010 when I decided to start taking care of some bees to pollinate my wife’s gardens after we realized there were no more honey bees visiting us.

I did some research and designed and built my first two hives...

Top Bar Bee Hives

Time proven design. All my hives, including the Standard Top Bar Bee Hive are constructed with quality Southwest Fir, Ponderosa Pine, or Spruce and assembled with wood screws and high quality exterior glue. They come with either no finish so you can do as you desire or with my bee wax penetrating natural finish. They are completely assembled and ready for the girls (bees).

Featuring quality construction and...

Standard Top Bar Hive

My first hives turned out to be a good design. Now that they have been used for awhile, I’ve learned some things which I  wanted to incorporate in my present hives. I was able to incorporate these into my original hives as well. As a woodworker I not only wanted to have extra hives for when my bees started to swarm but wanted to offer them to the public as well and to provide jobs for our community.

Here are some detail images

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Top Bar Bee Hive by Terry R. Wolff - TerryWolff.com Taos Spirit Carvings Taos Spirit Carvings Top Bar Bee Hive shown open. Built by Terry R. Wolff - TerryWolff.com

Hinged Lid makes it easy to get into your hive without having to remove the lid.

The Landing Deck provides easy access and allows your bees to congregate and cool off during hot weather.

Bee Hive Detail from Terry R. Wolff - TerryWolff.com Bee Hive Detail from Terry R. Wolff - TerryWolff.com

Each Top Bar has a 1/4 by 1/4 inch Comb Guide which encourages the bees to build straight Honey Combs

Bee Hive Detail from Terry R. Wolff - TerryWolff.com

High Quality Top Bar Bee Hives From
Northern New Mexico

Taos Woodcarver, Terry Wolff has been providing quality custom wood art and wood products for over 30 years

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